Auctioneer | Emcee | Fundraising Consultant

Over the past 25 years, I have raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations, churches, schools, synagogues, civic organizations, clubs and national foundations. Let me do the same of you.

Double Your Auction Proceeds

Having the right auctioneer is essential to the success of your auction. Janice knows how to engage your audience, encouraging bidding while constantly promoting your cause. As a fundraising consultant, Janice will work with you to ensure your auction is a success.

Janice’s list of testimonials are lengthy.

Janice’s incomparable stage presence is due to her successful acting career. TV, films, theatre – she has done it all and knows how to command an audience’s attention with humor, enthusiasm and grace!

Fundraising Consultant

Creating a successful fundraiser is often an overwhelming process for the committee in charge. Janice is an professional fundraising consultant. She will help simplify the planning process, giving you valuable tools to use, and most importantly help you reach your fundraising goals.

With literally thousands of fundraisers on her resume, Janice is an innovator who will collaborate with your committee to ensure your vision is realized, while creating a fun, entertaining and profitable event.

Is your silent auction silent?

For over 25 years, Janice Hamilton has been the go-to-source for nonprofit organizations seeking (no-risk) silent and live auction items that will enhance your donated items while substantionally increasing auction proceeds.



Fundraising Art Auctions

Janice’s company, Hamilton Fine Art & Auction features an extensive selection of fine art, sports memorabilia, jewelry, and travel experiences in a wide range of prices, styles and media. We also provide complete fundraising consulting services.

From the initial planning stages to the art auction fundraiser itself, Hamilton Fundraising Auctions provides your non-profit organization committee with all the tools you need to host a fun, social and profitable event – and you don’t even need experience in chairing a fundraiser auction!

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